Women in the Mormon Church, Forgive the Blackmailed NOW, Blackmailed – Talk to Your Loved Ones NOW, CA – We Are Not Alone, Truly Bad and Invested and Those Who Want Out – Mormons and Non-Mormons

There are many people out there who are being blackmailed. Christ said, “Whoever of you are without sin, cast the first stone.” None of the men who were judging the adulterer could cast a stone and one by one they walked away. Remember this when you are talking to loved ones. Loved ones, you can only get away from blackmail if you confess to the one that the predators want to tell. Please do so, or the Church and others cannot get away from this oppression. Please. You are the good guys even though you have been made to feel like you are a bad guy. You are only a bad guy if you choose to be at this time.

We are not alone CA. This was put into play a number of years ago. Those of us getting the word out are not special, we just happened to have the right skill set and were at the right place at the right time. I don’t know who they are, but they are out there. Reach out to others in other states. Pass this on.

I believe (have it on good word) that there are many in my family who have been recruited to be a predator. Then, there are many in my family who have been recruited by blackmail. Then, there are a few who have been recruited because of threats – maybe made about loved ones. Give all people this information so that they can decide what to do. Other like me probably have had the same thing happen, but may not be aware of this. I have three nephews and a great nephew who have been recruited. There are both good guys and bad guys. Good guys didn’t want to be recruited. Bad guys did. Some other relatives have been recruited and a relative’s significant other. Good guys, bad guys.

Those who are fighting right now with our words and in other ways who are not Mormon probably have family members who have been targeted and recruited by predators. I have two female family members who have been recruited, that I know of. Be careful who you trust.

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