Why Do Mormon Gangstalker Gang People Not Kill?: the Ire of the Gang Will Come Down Upon Them

Tonight I realized a few things: the horrid gang is looking out for the interests of all the perpetrators; if the gang were to murder their victims, the death would be investigated as a murder and the gang can’t risk that; when a murder is committed, DNA can be left behind, a person can be seen, all kinds of errors can be made; if someone is arrested for something, a lot of the tactics might be revealed.

I can’t be sure that this is true. Of course I can’t be. I just kept asking myself why can’t targets be murdered by Mormon gangstalkers? I came up with the solution above. The gang members are watching each other at all times. A gang member blows it and that member risks being gangstalked. He murders someone, he will be gangstalked. I thought it was one line that Mormon Gangstalkers would not cross, because of their religion. No, some of them would if they felt they could, and get away with it and not incur the wrath of the gang.

I bet the gang and V are not happy with some of the events/incidents that I have pointed out. The ones that could be viewed as attempted murder. Such as: giving me lithium salt and causing diarrhea; influencing me in such a way that I drive, not only under the influence of alcohol (not found to be significant – 4 wine coolers), and prescription medications. There is no way to undo the damage caused by giving me Estrogen for over a year – none. I would call this attempted murder. Estrogen receptive positive breast cancer.

It truly is a miracle that I or someone else was not killed during my drive a year ago July. Truly. Maybe if I were killed, that would fit within the gang’s parameters of being okay (an accident). Having someone else be killed was actually looked on as being not okay. I guess it was okay with V.

I could be wrong, but some of these perpetrators may even have joined the Church or been recruited to have access to the protection that the secret weapons and the gang offer. Very sick if that is the case. I could be wrong, but it would not surprise me if most of these perpetrators are not religious at all. I don’t know how they could be. Though, I guess some of the Mafia people appeared to be religious. Some people can justify anything in their brains.

Well, I keep thinking lately that these perpetrators will not be going to heaven. I can’t make that type of determination surely. However, to have pushed people towards suicide, watched virtual “video” of their victims and their families and friends, and other vile things they have done, they have to do a few things. First they have to pray. Then, they have to ask for forgiveness. Then, they have to have the intent to not commit that crime again. I don’t think there are any who will do this, but maybe there are a few. They have a problem though. They are part of a gang. They are part of a gang working inside an organization that won’t let you leave (basically). They are part of a gang working inside of an organization that won’t let you leave. This organization is now a cult.

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