Technology and Mormon Gangstalking

Let me start with what I know: all my phones for the last seven years or so have been cloned, my main home computer has been hacked, my work computer at the last middle school was hacked, the work computer at the middle school before that was hacked during a meeting. Then, let me add what I am pretty sure of: Mormons are found in every field that there is, and at every level of every field. Therefore, there is someone available in almost every geographical area to accomplish any job needed to be done to handle a target/victim for the gangstalkers. Almost every geographical area.

Cloned phones: If I send out a text message, it would seem that gangstalkers would know where I would be; one night years back at Target, my phone started playing music – not too bizarre, except I could not shut it off – I don’t remember having much control of the phone at all; when I am writing on my phone on my blog, the screen can become impossible to use – something is covering the screen or the screen scrolls without me wanting it to scroll.

Hacked computers: my documents would have errors in them that I didn’t make (not horrible errors, but embarrassing ones; at two middle schools ago, I know the tech guy had hacked my computer – I think during a meeting – he was right outside; the last middle school I worked at, I was more prepared – I had run off copies of the document and was able to show that I hadn’t made the error; before that, the vice pointed out an error that I had made (which I hadn’t made).

Personal computer: Oh, it has acted strange in so many ways. The screen looks doubled but not line up, so that it is impossible to work with. That’s not so unusual. Computers start acting up and do things like that. However, it’s been working fine lately and I had given up on it. I purchased a new computer.

So, don’t think you’re going crazy if you have these problems. Yes, they all occur at times. But, if they are occurring to you more often than expected and you are being gangstalked, chances are that a tech person is involved.

I remember looking up computer hacking. The fine is up to $10,000 and there is jail time.

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