Not Murder, But Traffic Accidents Are Just Fine

If I am in an accident, it will probably be a staged accident, but I will have real injuries.”. V’s Victim

Strange, but though the gang members will not murder someone, they don’t appear to be opposed to seriously hurting someone in an “accident”. I have had a few types of “accidents”. One type was an accident caused by an illness. Only it wasn’t caused by an illness. It was a broken ankle that I sustained after being given a drug that causes severe and long last faintness.

Another type of accident is the traffic accident. I had two “fender benders” within a year the first time I underwent gangstalking. One time was on the freeway in stop and go traffic. No damage. Another one was on Dutton Avenue going north in stop and go traffic. This was a hit and run. I had thought I had gotten the license plate. I was surprised when I was told that the number I got didn’t match any plates.

The third accident was a few days before a spring break was going to start. I was going to be leaving on a trip the next day. This must have been a year when I was substituting and not working a full time job – because I needed to recover, because I was going through gangstalking. I was leaving to go to Costco. I was stopped at Sonoma Mountain Parkway, heading west on Reischling. I was stopped at the stoplight, making a right hand turn. I pulled up to make the right, thought I could make it, but stopped. Someone plowed into me from behind. The lady was apologetic. She said that she saw me go forward and thought I was going to continue. No excuse. However, I didn’t realize for a long time that she could not have hit me that hard if she had been going slow enough to even begin to make the stop if needed. When I pulled my car forward, the bumper of her dilapidated truck was pulled off. I believe that this truck was purposely used. The driver certainly was not going to sustain injuries riding in a dilapidated, but heavy duty truck. This happens, more than we know. There are groups of two people sometime that cause an accident. The accident appears to be the fault of a target. Then, the guilty parties collect the insurance. “What is a ‘Staged’ Car Accident?: It’s not as rare as you may think: another driver purposefully causes an accident involving your vehicle, in an attempt to bilk the insurance company (or you).”

“Staged accidents will usually involve at least one of the following

  • a faked crash
  • faked injuries
  • fake accident reports
  • fake witnesses, or
  • fake victims”

If I am in an accident, it will probably be a staged accident, but I will have real injuries.

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