The Gang and Their Secret Weapons – Warning for Women Who Are Not Mormon, Regarding Mormon Men

Well, this makes me feel ill. I don’t believe the secret weapons possessed by men were meant to be use the way the current Mormons are using them. So, how could they be? Mormon males from days past did not do this, but a sacred gift has been distorted and being used for what might have become a horrid male tradition. – sick, illegal, male tradition. I say males from days past did not do this, … I can’t really know any of this can I? You need to draw your own conclusions.

Unfortunately, the Mormon Church is actually set up so that a gang can exist. A very large gang. The church is set up on a strict hierarchy. People are not supposed to question. They are expected to follow direction from the level above them or designated persons. The Mormon Church is a cult. It’s the perfect place for normally unacceptable activities to take place.

Gangs use peer pressure, the pressure of the group and threats to keep members in. I can’t know this for sure, but I believe that one generation of the gang trains some of the next generation how to use a secret weapon. Before the younger male knows what has happened, he is a willing or unwilling participant in the gang. He can never back out. Never.

There are some psychopaths in the group. In this case, men who have no empathy for anyone. They do not care who they hurt. Then, there are those of the next generation who are taught to act like psychopaths, predators.

All males are taught to see women as inferior. Whenever one group has dominance over another, I believe it sets the stage for abuse. So women are inferior and women outside the church are expendable. They are the main targets of the Mormon males.

The men have no regard for the women they target. As soon as a woman is selected, she is doomed to experience gangstalking, and more. She is doomed to be dogged, hurt, scared until she thinks she is crazy. The ultimate goal of gangstalking is suicide. The men use the other members of the church to get rid of the females that they have targeted. They help each other. They pool funds to purchase anything needed for their horrid missions. The mission is manslaughter by the way. Look up a recent court case or see my earlier post.

Things to Watch Out for if You Think That You Have Been Selected to be a Mormon Male’s Target

Unfortunately, because you have been painted as some sort of predator, Mormons in general are willing to gangstalk and gaslight. Mormons can probably be found holding jobs in every field of employment. In my county, there are 200,000 plus Mormons. Add in students in the local colleges and you have even more. There are locksmiths, cashiers, teachers, postal workers, doctors, lawyers, counselors, bankers, etc. Every field.

Based on what I have observed in my case:

  • If you have strong feelings on your part towards a Mormon male -Too strong – Unusual for you. Curb them even if it takes extra energy. Yes, there is a way the Mormon male has to have you become attracted to him when he is in your vicinity.
  • This person acting somewhat attracted to you.
  • Seeing this person periodically. This is done to keep you interested in this person. I can’t be sure the M.O. is the same in every case, but I think my stalker needed to have my attention. He also wanted to be able to show fellow Mormons that I was “interested” in him – even though there were a LOT of times when I felt really neutral about him. Especially when I had not seen him in a while.
  • Events happen that seem to keep you closer to where this person works, or. you would have more time to do things around where this person works. Example – Not being selected for a particular job.
  • Persons who are important in your life start acting different towards you. Think – rumors being spread, threats made towards people to get them to treat you differently. This can even be fairly close relatives.
  • Your spouse begins to act differently. Almost like he is sabotaging your marriage. In my case, my spouse was told that I was going to divorce him to be with my stalker
  • Remember – the idea here is to break apart everything in a target’s life.
  • Fender benders. More than normal
  • Things you put in a shopping cart are missing, turn up left in your cart, when you are sure you took it out, etc.
  • Stronger than normal feelings including: anger, sadness, anxiety, raised libido, etc. Find ways to counter those feelings. I sing Raindrops on Roses, calm myself down, etc. Watch out for suicidal thoughts. Guilt is not a useful feeling once you’ve acknowledged what you did. Was it really your fault? Or, were you helped along with the secret weapon
  • Street theater – this can be people acting in order to divert your attention to take something even from a purse.
  • Things taken from one place and put in another. No, you are not crazy. Crazy is seeing things, but not having objects you can see clearly moved to another location. Crazy can be temporary. It usually is. Crazy is hearing things – and there is no explanation for it – tape recorder, recording made by cell phone.
  • Hearing disjointed music or percussion instruments. Disjointed means beats playing at different speeds. This could be tied in with a fan. The electrical power needed to play this recording needs to be gotten somewhere. Hit some breakers and see if it is tied into one of them.
  • Car locks being locked or unlocked without you locking or unlocking them. The technology to make “copies” of alarm fobs has been around for years.
  • Feeling slightly dizzy, fairly tired, , lethargic. It feels almost like you have been given a drug
  • Unexplained diarrhea. It could be lactose. Try taking a lactaid type product when you eat or drink anything. Use Imodium, but follow the directions on the package.
  • A salt taste in your water. If it tastes like table salt, counter with other products that contain a good amount of water. If it is not table salt, it could be lithium. Look up lithium.
  • A light that flickers like a Halloween light. Easy for someone to install.

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