Outrageous Idea or Not? Controversial in the Church I Believe


If you don’t want to read about something that is totally against Mormon teachings (from what I know), don’t read this post. On the other hand, if you want to learn about a way that might help with this male problem, keep reading. I don’t know if this idea can help in this situation. I think so, but I don’t know. I don’t like to tell people what to do. However, there are thousands being hurt every year. Many are Innocents.

I couldn’t believe it, but last night I started to realize that the extreme patriarchy within the Mormon Church might play a large part in the power and existence of the gang. This sounds outrageous until you hear the whole concept.

A while back, I started hearing that to help Muslim women and to help prevent radicalization of the males, it is extremely important for women and children to receive an education. There are Muslim countries where Muslim women and children are educated. I learned a while back that India has a very large Muslim population. However, the countries that have the most males being turned into young “warriors”, the women are treated as inferior and do not receive an education. It’s much easier for the older boys to be taken from the family and radicalized.

My dad had taken a class about ten years before I started hearing about the education of the women. He said that he had learned that concept in a college class. My dad had been a typical 50’s dad. A boy raised by parents with midwestern roots. The youngest child. He said that he was spoiled. At around age 60, he had a scare with an artery and it sure changed him. Or, he decided to transform into a different person. He went from a basically 50’s dad to a very enlightened dad and man. Very.

As outrageous as this sounds, a large part of the power that keeps the sick gang going is the idea that women are inferior to men. This concept is key to the men being able to treat women the way they do. It is one thing that makes it so easy to convert the older boys into believing that is is their right to take part in the gang and all the “rewards” it brings.

So, education means to educate the boys that they are not superior to girls and men are not superior to women. If you can’t do that, then at least teach them that women and girls should be highly valued. I think the leap to not superior needs to happen though. Educate the girls to not allow the attitudes of the males to affect their self worth. Teach the girls to have self worth. Accept that knowledge is power. It’s okay to research something. In fact, women who take some control over their breast cancer have better outcomes that women who leave it up to God or the doctor. Of course, God can be a strength, the doctor listened to. But, doctors really don’t always know what they should. To find out if you have a good doctor

When one part of a group is allowed to feel that it is more powerful, all types of issues arise – the gang has gotten so powerful for one thing. It couldn’t have gotten this powerful if women were seen as equal to men. Looking at the church from the outside, what has happened is the outrageous thing. It is a way for perpetrators to get away with feeding their addiction in a virtual way using the secret weapons. It is a way for men to keep all men feeling superior to women and make sure that they maintain these feelings.

Well, yes, to you these ideas may seem outrageous. To people outside the church, it’s not so much – though, there are those in the country who are trying to push us backwards. I know how my mom was treated when the country was more patriarchal. She could not have a credit card in her own name for decades. She was told by her dad that women couldn’t drive. Her self esteem was low. She owned nothing when my family moved to Ohio. They put the house in her name.

This problem with the males may be a very good example of how having one group dominate another can lead to a severe problem in the culture.

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