V Wants Me to Look a Certain Way – So You Will Think All That I Say is a Lie

Latest scenario: Get me to believe truly wild and vile stories to make me look like someone who: hates everything about the church, I made up horrid stories, and therefore I must have lied about it all V.

All I can say for certain is that V has had gangstalkers after me off and on over the last seven years. I really can’t say much more. The rest is conjecture. There were quite a few Blue SUV Subarus, smaller blue SUV Suburus, and other blue vehicles the same color. This recently. Does V have a vehicle like this? I have no idea. I just do know that I was parked at Trader Joe’s. I looked up and there was V loading groceries into a newer blue Suburu. SUV. That’s it.

I also know that G was gangstalking one day and looked at me with hate. K looked like she was in a panic when I came out of the Oliver’s lot. I had no idea who the girl was in Oliver’s. However, I realized that she had large eyes, as did K’s daughter when she was young. Can I be sure that is who that was? Of course not. I can be SURE that I cannot stand the idea that V spreads horrid rumors around about me to manipulate YOU and have people from my past hate me. I am SURE OF THAT!

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