There is Nothing Wrong With Having a Mental Illness….Nothing

I have been receiving mixed information and I’m perplexed by what I read when I compare it to the information.

If the Mormon Church is a cult then the following is true: Getting help for a mental health disorder threatens the existence of the church. Therefore, everything is done to keep members away from seeking help for their illnesses. If a member were to divulge any of the nefarious secrets regarding how members are abused, it could be disastrous. It is a threat to the gang.

One thing I believe to be true is that Mormons, in general, are taught that having a mental health problem is their fault. I don’t know about this, but I have read that some groups accuse members who appear to have some mental health issues of not praying enough. That would be really hard to deal with.

It is difficult when one has a problem and the problem is not recognized, acknowledged, and/or fault is blamed on that person.

What is now known about mental health is so vast compared to years back. Attitudes in the U.S. population regarding mental health has changed dramatically. Elder James A. Cullimore said, “The members of the Church are constantly being reminded that even though they are ‘in the world, they should not be of the world’.” These words are just a tiny part of a talk he gave. The talk included multiple quotes from the Gospel According to John and Mormon book/s.

I ONLY quoted him because I wanted to make sure that I had the words down correctly: in the world, but not of the world.

Those words don’t specifically stated that a Mormon should not do anything in the world outside the church. I went to an elementary school, Raymond Elementary School in Fullerton, California. Right next door to my elementary school is a Mormon Church. My parents signed the permission slip for me to attend the Chapel on Wheels in fourth grade. The Chapel on Wheels was kept on the Mormon grounds while these classes were taught.

I knew some interesting kids who are Mormon. One is a cousin of one of my coworkers from a school in Rohnert Park. I didn’t know him well, but he was well known. I knew a few girls from the orchestra in high school and had a fairly good friends for a few years in high school who is Mormon. She actually went to camp Osceola with a bunch of kids including myself. We didn’t keep in touch. I hope she is doing okay.

The following are from things I have read or heard.

The church requests that members devout a certain amount of time to the workings of the church. Family is highly important and family members are usually Mormon. The Church has social

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