What is the End Game With Gangstalking?

The ultimate goal of gangstalking is for the victim or target to commit suicide. I like the use of victim because a target can be a thing. A victim is someone we think of as a person who was the target of a crime. A person. A live being with family and friends and a life. No one in this country has the right to make decisions about a person’s guilt or innocence except for our justice system. No one. No group. No individual. No organization. No one.

Those of you good people who have been required to gangstalk. You can now know that gangstalking is against the law. Most of you end up being around the victim twice. That is stalking in California. Some of you come from out of state. That is the federal crime of stalking. Now if someone pushes someone towards suicide using a lot of pressure, that is manslaughter. Look at one of my previous posts. You may be thinking that it doesn’t apply in this case because there are so many of you. Who pushed the hardest? All of you. V more than others.

So, you take an innocent person and commit gangstalking. You are working towards committing manslaughter. Oh, only your group knows, but I wouldn’t think for those with a conscience that it makes is any easier.

It has been over seven years since the gangstalking against me began. V and others have exhausted all scenarios they have. I have no doubt that they will try forced suicide. It has to look like suicide or their would be an investigation. That wouldn’t be acceptable. Well, being murdered isn’t acceptable.

Accused, executed. Not: accused, charged, trial by judge or jury, punishment fitting the crime. No……………Accused, executed. This may be painful for many. That is a good thing. It should be. The people we have to worry about in any society are those who don’t feel any empathy whatsoever. That’s V.


Speaking of scenarios

Scenario one: I’m taken from my car.

Scenario two: They get into my apartment.

End game: Given an overdose of Klonopin via injection most likely. I take Klonopin to help me get to sleep. I just picked up a prescription, but dumped them all out. A pathologist would wonder why there are no pieces of pills in the stomach contents. I got rid of all the pieces of pills that I had.

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