Recap of My Gangstalking

Let me get this straight. There are those gangstalkers that are horrible people. Then there are gangstalkers that are good people. The horrible people gangstalkers have been able to keep under the radar as far as how horrible they are – for the most part.

I believe that my gangstalkers have been told that gangstalking is something they have to do for their organization. It is their duty. They probably have asked if what they are doing is against the law and have been told, “No”. If someone points out that gangstalking is against the law, that viewpoint is totally negated and the stalkers are then told that it’s for the church, the church isn’t wrong, it’s God’s will, or there are many of us and we all do our part. The answer would be something like that. I think. I don’t know for sure.

So, i was accused 22 years ago of stalking someone. Some from your group “tested” me out and found out that I was okay. It turns out that V has a secret weapon that he had stay by my side ever since V saw me. Believe me, I wish that I had never met V. He is vile, but passes himself off as totally the opposite. There is a very small percent of the population that are like that – vile AND can act very personable. V has stalked me for 22 years, but he has done it in a strange way. He finds out from the friend/secret weapon where I am going and V gets there first. This is his obsession. A trait of people like him can be that he is easily bored. The frenetic pace he must have had to stick to, to keep up with my travels and errands, while still having to do some things independently must have been crazy, but it kept him busy.

V was able to see anything that went on in my house. Anything with the help of his secret weapon. The one the men get to have. I think. I don’t know. It makes me sick. V told my ex something completely untrue so that my ex started pushing me away by the things he did. My ex did not deserve this. But you see, one of the objectives of gangstalking is to totally destroy the target’s life. V was obsessed with me. He didn’t like me, but having my ex despise me fit in well with V’s needs and plans.

Read the next post to see what has happened during the last 7 plus years.

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