11/8 My Day Being Gangstalked – Led to Believe One Thing, But the Truth is Another

When you reach the point of gangstalking that I have, you have been taught various scenarios. For example, I have gone out many days and nights after being “told” that people are after me. Time after time I would realize that people were not going to hurt me when I was out driving, but I kept falling for it. I fell for it today even though I knew better.

Last night I was convinced that gangstalkers would enter my home and hurt me and kill me. I knew that people would not enter my home while I am there, but I fell for it again last night.

Here is the ultimate truth about the type of gangstalking that I am going through: The goal of gangstalking is to get the victim to kill him or herself. With your group, murder is a line gangstalkers will not cross. Another time I will bring up the suicide issue. Not now.

———————————————————————————- Earlier today:

7:57 I am at a Starbucks. I will have a “fun” day driving with the gangstalkers in Petaluma, California. I will try to check in every hour.

So far, so good at 9:19 a.m. I am at the Goodwill. I will be looking for books.

Okay. It is 10:32 and I am at the library. V will have an alibi. I have no doubt that a move to grab me will be made today. I determined that they are cheating again and will use extra secret weapons. That sure sounds strange. When I make it through this – I’ll give it my all – I will permanently delete this blog and have nothing to do with the large organization or gangstalking. If you have heard otherwise that is NOT true. I do not want to be in this position ever again. It’s been 7 years that I have known about gangstalking, 22 years that V has stalked me, and a few months that I have known about secret weapons. I want to forget all of it.

12:17 – I am having lunch. When I first realized what V has been up to, I assumed that the percent of people in the large organization, who are like like V, would be a bit less than the general population of the country. Unfortunately, because of the way this gang operates, I believe that the numbers may be higher,

1:47 Stopped at a store. I have seen 3 or 4 cars that are up to specs or almost up to specs. I can’t play the game. Besides the car people cheat. A few cars passed in front of me. One lady did not look happy. She had planned on being right in front of me. There was one parked right next to me when I came out of the Mexican restaurant near Kohls. There is one in the Friedman’s center.

I can’t play and watch out for murderers. I want to believe that people who want to harm me came from all over the area. The ratio of male stalkers to female stalkers is up a lot.

Yes, these, for the most part are the males who lack empathy, are willing to do whatever to protect their way of life, and truly think of women as objects (for the most part, but not all).

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