The Game is Afoot (Sherlock Holmes) and Revelations

Ah. Not brave enough to show up in person, the secret weapons carry out the dirty work.

Well, I am up at last. They fooled me again. That is what most of this is about.

Every few days, I realize something new. Last night I was stunned to realize that many of you do know about these nefarious men among you. They are feared because of what they can do and what they threaten they can do.

This morning I realized that the “game” with the blue cars had no purpose anymore except to control my actions. Well. I am not playing anymore. I won’t park right next to a blue Subaru SUV, or stay behind one for longer than I have to (if one pulls in, in front of me). I will go where I want to go.

I never thought this would happen, but I can drive with gangstalkers around and not be bothered. I might play my own games: direct the gangstalkers, count the one light cars, etc. However, I just drive along with them for the most part.

I keep getting fooled into thinking V and the special gang will kill. Nope. That is not the objective. I guess they can live with that. Well, according to the court in the U.S., this is attempted manslaughter. As far as I am concerned, it is attempted murder.

Has your group consulted with attorneys regarding the laws I have mentioned. Oh – STALKING is/has been committed by most of you. That it can never be proven should not matter. At least it should not matter to your moral and religious compass. Joseph Smith based his works on the Bible. The Bible includes the New Testament. Jesus Christ is part of the name. The New Testament is the foundation of Christianity: being forgiven for your sins, forgiving others their sins. Then, there is the Golden Rule.

The nefarious gang might still assault me. I don’t know. You know what many men prize most of all right? So, there is the ultimate punishment against women. It’s about control, and power. Well, at age 64 and with all things considered, that would be such a stupid move. I will go to the police and I will ask for all tests possible. Oh, there wouldn’t be evidence against any one person, but there WILL be evidence of an assault. Yes, foolishly or not, I can be matter of fact about this – most of the time. They hold a whole community hostage. V tried to control my life for 22 years. Tried. I have had a great life so far. Of course my safety is paramount, but if I don’t have a choice, I will do what I can to prove – at least on this blog – just how incredibly perverted they have become.

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