NEW – Helpless, the Weapon, Justice and Injustice

I meant to also say that there are a lot of good members of the group who are powerless to fight these men or to even express concern. The special gang is too powerful. There is a lot to be said about your religion. However, somewhere along the way, some horrid people latched on – they manage to get into every group. They have grown and become powerful.

The weapon. I never wanted to write this blog. I definitely did not want to bring up this secret weapon. However, it has been made clear that I have nothing to lose. There is not a group out there fighting these men in the special group. Okay, the secret weapon with me came from V, 22 years ago, and has been with me ever since. I didn’t know until recently that it existed.

This sounds totally crazy unless you are a man who knows. This “weapon” can see what I can see and can see around me and then V can see it. How? I have no idea. It can see other things in my house. The salt in my water, diarrhea, dizziness, making “accidents” happen all come from it. V can get information from it. Then V was able to get to places before me. Again, when planning our yearly trek to Tahoe, 10 families were involved in selecting the week. It would have been a miracle for us to have picked the same week as V.

Maybe think back on what someone tried to tell you shortly before she committed suicide. Little things: moved, taken. Maybe accidents or illnesses – asthma, boils. I don’t think I am supposed to know any of this. I wish I didn’t. But, maybe for all of the good people to eventually get unsavory people out from your midsts it’s time all of you know. For justice.

One of my motivators right now is that it could see everything in my house – everything. I had no idea.

I have always been a law and order type of person. I would have been the one to give the mayor a parking ticket. I am no longer at that extreme (but he or she should get the ticket, but won’t). However, justice is so important to me and injustice is to be avoided as much as possible. Injustice on purpose by anyone should be dealt with swiftly.

It occurred to me that the moment V’s secret weapon was unleashed on me, my fate was sealed. At some point in the future, V would unleash gangstalkers on me. Not a question of if, but when.

To not be able to do anything about it is unimaginable. It’s 2019 in the United States of America, but I can’t have justice. It’s 2019 in the United States of America, and a group of criminals protected by their larger group gets away with: being voyeurs (which essentially is like watching pornography in this case), being stalkers, stealing, and more.

Right now, nothing can be done. They have found the perfect way to commit their crimes and get away with it. Good people are intimidated by these horrid men (watching so the person doesn’t know is a crime. Similar to putting hidden cameras places).

I just want justice. To not have justice is intolerable, but I don’t have a choice. Injustice prevails. But, I made a pledge to God, Christ, and myself. I am not going to break my promise.

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