I Saw THE Car, So I Couldn’t Stop at Kaiser – NEW News Regarding My Sleep!

Ah. I realized that the angry, special group might be thinking in terms of a murder that looks like a suicide. Maybe they were counting on my picking up my pills. I hope some of you are completely repulsed by this. Strong feelings can make the difference between action and inaction. Between going along like a lamb or at least thinking about what you are hearing.

So, yesterday I went to Kaiser and only one of my inhalers was ready. I had put in for another inhaler and a relaxant. Those two weren’t ready, so I decided not to get any and wait until I got the other two texts.

I received the two texts this morning. I decided that, if I were over that way, I would pick up all three prescriptions. I started up one aisle, and actually backed out. I left. I didn’t want to be falsely accused of stalking V. That is his specialty.

In 2007, after going through chemo and instant menopause, I developed debilitating insomnia. Insomnia triggered a debilitating depression. So, I have had to take sleep medications ever since. Well, up until a few months ago. I now only take a pill for anxiety before bed as needed – and I only needed it about 4 times the last month. Strange, but as we age, we just don’t know what will change. To make a long story short, last time I got these pills I dumped them in the toilet. I feel awful dumping them there, but I don’t want anyone to have access to them.

Now is the time to truly realize what you are helping with. If you can’t read this, then you shouldn’t be gangstalking. I believe that a small group of the special gang (the most sick) will force a liquid version of the sedative down me. It’s better for them because there is less chance of bruising the inside of my throat. Forcing a whole lot of pills down someone’s throat can be very obvious during an autopsy.

Well, I read a murder mystery book a while back. In it the victim had been killed this way. During the autopsy, the pathologist noted that there were no pill fragments. You know, the little pieces of pills that haven’t dissolved yet. You would have to have those.

Well, I don’t have any now, and I will have only 5 pills or so by the time I leave Kaiser. That is what I did last month. Coincidences like this keep happening to me. I read about that fictional autopsy and figured that I had better let “people” know.

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