V’s Secret Weapon

I was really hoping that a drove of good males from your group would step forward and stop V and his ilk. Instead I am dealing with frenetic cars driven by: dedicated women and men – most of whom belong to a special group – not a group one wants in its midsts.

This should NOT come from me. How do I put this. V decided to use his secret weapon against me the moment he saw me on my son’s first day of school. He would use this to know where I was going-22 years. I am not sure why V picked me except: he knew I was psychologically “frail” (for a few years – I obviously recovered). He also picked me because my 4 year old daughter was with me. For the future.

It makes me ill just to think about it. For those who can believe it, maybe you don’t know how I can write about this. If we don’t face our problems, they will never go away. If V gets what he wants, someone else will be picked soon.

The secret weapon has some kind of camera on it. That is all you need to know. I am grateful that my daughter and her friends will remember our house as a safe place to be. They will never know how our house was violated.

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