Last Night’s Events Turned Out to be More Smoke and Mirrors. Just Smoke and Mirrors.

Yep. It was second verse, same as the first. The “gas” was just air with some sort of scent. The tiredness that I felt was from the secret weapon. After I figured it out, I slept just fine – thank you very much. My sarcastic side is coming out this morning. It’s gotten oh so much pronounced since gangstalkers entered my life.

There was one absolutely fascinating thing that occurred. They knew that I would run the fan. That was obvious. It shut off and then appeared to be struggling to get going again. Slightly on, then off. It wasn’t the outlet as there were other fans running and they weren’t reduced in power. Wow! Nope.

Arthur Conan Doyle quotes …. “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

These criminals that wish to harm me tonight don’t want to take any chances. I finally know how I was given a date rape drug, something like it, or a drug to knock me out until I could be given a date rape drug.

Gas. It’s easy to do. They have access to M’s place below. They probably tell her to take off for the night. M if you have any idea what is going on, you are an accessory to whatever it is. I smelled something strange. ‘This happened a lot when the con was happening, but in those cases, the “gas” was just smelly or smokey. I am pretty sure that whatever is being pumped up to my bedroom from down below has some sedative effect.

There are two smells. One is a smoky smell. I smelled that first. Now, there is a sweet smell.


Each time this has been done before, it’s been a scare tactic. Hmmmm. I’ll see. Oh, the cars and trucks driving around earlier. Doesn’t phase me. I drove a Landcruiser for years. I’ve seen what comes out of the big trucks. Big range of people. What are the shows where the monster truck drives over the other cars? Corona racetrack when it was still there. I wasn’t raised with trucks, but…. I sure hope you get to use those for ranch/farm work or take them off road. Kind of a waste if you don’t. Off roader 10 years. Had a handle and everything. Friends – Bronco and ???? other one. Only Chevy’s and Ford’s for our friends. Went on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands. Great trip!

Do think more came from further away. Just don’t think they were as familiar with the roads. Would also have to be part of special group – probably. They have the most to lose. Every single group in the United States has a certain number of people in these special groups. This is unique. They get to hide behind a larger group known for goodness.

I heard a noise. I’ll see. Would any of you give even an anonymous call to the police? Or are you so much beholden, tied, brainwashed, afraid of what might happen? It is scary, cowardly, pathetic, what these perverts do.

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