They ARE Cheating – False Photos, They Are Desperate And Are Trying to Get ANY SHOT TO JUSTIFIES V’s Torture/Killing

4:20 – I passed one of the real small versions. Enlarge it and It looks just like the larger one. Lady with blond hair – not Keokuk, but by there.

4 :00 Bank of the West. Went to leave. COWBUGA license plate with Coastwalk bumper sticker was there. Same specs but older and four stickers. Someone was hurrying out of the lot. I bet he took a picture.


  • I was finishing up my last post, when a blue SUV parked along the curb, pointing towards ACE but at the edge of the driveway for Wells Fargo. The car didn’t meet specs – model wise, but otherwise it was really close.
  • I still needed to get cash, but I envisioned what picture could be taken as I walked back from getting cash. I left instead.
  • A few days ago, I parked by a car that was perfect except for the color. Since I realized what was happening, I have NOT parked by a car that meets all the specs. I may have started to pull in due to a car hidden behind a big truck, but I got out of there ASAP.
  • Again, V and the cheating members of his crew are counting on your naïveté as far as what “magic” can be done to photos. It would not take long to see what has been accomplished in Disney movies. Imagine how amazed we all were when the first Mary Poppins came out. May I hire a forensic digital “film” person to look at V’s photos.
  • ———————————————

What does G say? How about K? It hurts to think that they think I am who V says I am. For the most part, I have to just let those feelings go. 7 years.

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