Another Day, Many Types of Cheating

November 5th 5:31 – My friend asked if I wanted to go to dinner, but it is up in the air. She does not drive unless the route is one with easy maneuverability. That is why I drive, but we both decide where to eat. I have told her that V is stalking me so she will get it if I leave a place. Not sure about the whole car issue.

November 5th, 5:07. I went out again. Headed towards the old Lucky’s. There were three cars in that lot. Wow! Did V buy a few more? I skirted the lot and headed out. I was going to say that I had no idea the cars would be there, but that is not true. I couldn’t be sure. Three is kind of overkill. I have not had any idea where V might be at any time since he retired. I would love to hear how you think I know where he is. I leave my apartment and what? Read tea leaves, use Tarot cards, hope that he will be where I am going, go get my palm read, WHAT?

Kaiser. There was a really nice one and I left. I did not drive by any. There was one BEHIND me. Funny look on the guy’s face. Was he supposed to be in front but was late for his cue?

November 5th, 2:28. At Trader Joe’s. I didn’t stop at Lola’s because there was the SMALL version of the Subaru. Nothing at Trader Joe’s right now except for one small car the same color, but not the same make

November 5th, 2:12 – Mexican restaurant over by Kohl’s. Nothing. However, go out the back way and an SUV the right color goes in front of me and behind Kohl’s. Right color but not close to specifications. Yet, if I had gone that way, I would be guilty. That is stupid!
I call foul! You know that I know my cars, and that I am not following these random cars that are the right color. Call off that scheme. You are wasting their time.

November 5th at 11:45. I’m trying to get out of here, but became tired suddenly. I guess V wants me to slip in the shower more than he wants me out driving my car. Hmmmm. What would happen to the “game”? Well, I won’t slip. I’m extra careful these days. How about if my competition only uses one Subaru? Isn’t that what you are checking on? If I were following someone it would be one car – not three parked at lots that I might go to. How about not having owners of the little ones gangstalk? Other SUVs that look very similar?

November 5th – I haven’t been out yet. I’ll get there. In case my car has been seen around a blue car. Well, then it is a look alike to my car. How long does this charade get to go on? And does the judge know about the cheating. Yesterday, it appeared that they were willing to go to any lengths to make it look like I was near a newer blue Subaru SUV.

Now that I have really started to look at how photos can be taken to look incriminating, and how they can be doctored to look incriminating I know why the small blue SUVs and blue trucks of a certain color are important.

If I were who you say I am………..I would not have been able to stay away from my usual activities. As it is, this has to be killing V. I bet he is really out of sorts.

Here are some of their tricks:

  • Enlarge one of the small SUVs that are parked so that a picture can be gotten with my car. This could have been done at the Starbucks on Washington yesterday.
  • “Photoshop” the right blue onto a car that is the right make and model, but wrong color. Where car I drive or park?
  • Photoshop the stickers off of a blue Subaru. Can you make it look cleaner also? I would think. There was a blue Subaru with stickers in a lot yesterday.
  • Oh yeah – V why don’t you keep a journal of where you went and why? Better yet, before heading out, why don’t you write down where you are going and it what order? Don’t want to? Why?
  • Get a picture of my car next to one of the trucks that are the right color. Then just Photoshop the photo.
  • If they have someone really good, then they can pretty much create any photo they want as long as they have the pieces they need. See, this is why in a trial, I would have gotten a video forensics person.
  • This was done yesterday. I was in a lot. A blue Subaru was parked on the street so that my car and the Subaru could be seen in a photo. If I had gotten out to get cash and then walked back to my car, they could have gotten a pretty incriminating photo. Nothing to say that my car was there quite a while before the Subaru was parked there.
  • It really bothers me that people are being allowed to cheat. That decisions might be made by false photos, false times, false days, false statements. It really bothers me that this is condoned. AT ALL. I bet every generation gets more and more used to lying. How do they resolve that with scripture? The New Testament for example?

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