Stalkers and Gangstalkers

Statistics: 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men will be stalked in their lifetime. The stalker is usually someone they have been intimate with. So, almost three times as many women are stalked than men. I think that women not in your group may be painted as being bad people in order for some of this special group to take advantage of this perception. The statistics are for the whole of the United States, so there are not any more stalkers who do not belong. The odds of one person experiencing stalking more than one time has to be extremely low.

V should not have been able to get any photos today. Well, there might have been one near CVS. I didn’t see a car up ahead. It went left and I went straight. They have yet to “catch me” go around a corner in order to follow a blue car.. At Starbucks – There was one of the very small blue cars behind me. I realized as I left that someone could take a picture and with photoshop, the car could have been enlarged, or the car next to it could be reduced in size.

There are still gang stalkers out there who do not know the whole truth, but think what they are doing is for the group. No, it’s not. It exists so this V can continue to use another woman. Yes.

It has been seven years. That should tell you something right there. I was 57 when this gangstalking started. My daughter was 20 and was starting to stay down in San Diego most of the year. I had told my ex that I was going to get a divorce. He had been told lies four years earlier. There would have been no chance for reconciliation. He was gangstalking and gaslighting me. He was doing everything he could to make me consider divorce more and more. This makes me very sad. That wasn’t who he was. That is what V turned him into. With gaslighting, the target’s life is supposed to be destroyed. I guess V figured out that this would devastate me. Not with the way my ex was acting along with some things he had done in 2000.

No one, not ANY ONE deserves gangstalking. It is psychological torture. Outlawed for prisoners of war.

2012-2013 Worked full time.

2013-2014 I went into the hospital for depression. My medication changed. I was not taking an SSRi – helps with Seratonin (a HORMONE). I was depressed for 10 1/2 months. No Income

2014-2015 Did daily work. Got great references. Greatly reduced income.

2015-2016 Worked in a one year position. Good pay

2016-2017 Worked in a one year position. Horrible pay, but good job. Gangstalking and Mobbing had started up again.

2017-2018 Worked in a position that turned out to be one year. The school’s needs changed. I still could have gotten a job with the district. Good job, but Mobbing at work and gangstalking

2018-2019 Conned by some helpers of V’s. Not stings but cons. Oh. People from where I live helped with the con. Do you know how it is carried out? I think you just have your own part to play. Accused. No trial. Execution.

I have lost three years worth of income. Three years savings for retirement.

2019-2020 – I am almost all set to do daily work. I would have started earlier, but I don’t see the point. I can be given something that makes me tired or dizzy or gives me diarrhea. I need to be working. I want to be working at least half time. That was my goal last year.

Just in case V was painting me as someone who wasn’t hired back, you know the truth. I would have liked to have stayed somewhere for a while. I am very social. I just realized that V could have had an impact on full time employment earlier. He would have wanted me to stick around where he was and do daily jobs.

Well, I must have interviewed at least 6 times in his area. I interviewed for at least 8 positions outside his area. I had cancer one year, wore a wig to an interview for an assistant and got the job. I wrote hundreds of letters of introduction. There were two jobs that I was a shoe in for that didn’t work out. So, I got a second credential. V probably painted me as needing to be near him. Really?

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