A work in progress: World War II – Partially, a Fight for Democracy

100,000 from your group fought in WWII

8,000 gave their lives


“Rule of Law

In a democracy, a set of laws, not a dictator, king or queen, group of aristocrats or elected president, govern the people. The rule of law protects individual freedoms and ensures all citizens are treated fairly and equally. A democratic form of government disallows discrimination and unlawful imprisonment. Taxation must be established by law. Citizens cannot be denied their freedoms without just cause and a fair, unbiased public hearing in a court of law.

The themes of democracy are succinctly summed up in the final phrase of the United States’ Pledge of Allegiance: “indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Democracy ensures that the ruling powers in government represent the people by allowing citizens to vote for their political leaders. This political ideology also protects individual rights and promotes equality for all.”

  • Citizen Rule. A democratic government grants adult citizens the right to elect their…
  • Majority Rule and Minority Rights. The principle of majority rule is an important part…
  • Individual Rights. Democracies value the protection of individual rights.Democracies value the protection of individual rights. The word freedom is used synonymously with democracy to describe individual liberties afforded in this type of government. In the U.S., the Bill of Rights serves as a summary of individual liberties. Freedom of speech and religion, protection from unlawful search and seizure and the right to bear arms are examples of individual liberties, afforded in a democracy. Equal treatment, under the law, is assured for everyone in a democratic society.
  • Free and Fair Elections. The key to the exercise

Citizen Participation

Citizens of a democracy not only have the right to vote, but also the responsibility to participate. Informed participation is key in a democracy. When the people elect their representatives, they are ensuring the preservation of the democratic process Engaged citizenship is essential in a healthy democracy.

Cooperation and Compromise

Democracies also value cooperation and compromise to protect individual rights. To adequately safeguard diversity, and accurately represent all communities, a democracy must protect the right to be different. Anti-discrimination is at the heart of a true democracy. The freedom to assemble and voice opinion drives government accountability to ensure that underrepresented people have the same rights as the majority.

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