This and That – Relatives, Breaks, Secret Weapon

Sunday – I stayed home all day. Monday – Starbucks, Curves, Coke from Taco Bell, and McNear Park. I have been coming to McNear Park for years by myself. I have been here many times for my daughter’s end of year events.

After we moved to Petaluma, I discovered that three generations settled in Petaluma after the 1906 quake. My grandfather and others lived right around the corner from where I am sitting. I feel a connection to my grandfather when I am here.

This is one of many places that I come to for my “break” or lunch. I should be working so that I have earned a break, but I don’t know if I can even do daily work right now.

3:17 – Wells Fargo downtown. A car always down the street with a sticker. No go. Is anyone keeping track? It’s been weeks. I am usually way ahead. Is it going to take only one good day for V in order for him to prove that I am a stalker? That is ridiculous! If I were a stalker, that would make no sense at all. Think back over the way V described “my stalking”. I bet it was nothing like this. Do you believe what he says, or did he bring in a few experts on stalking and profiling. V and others who are in this to get rid of their targets, count on naïveté in order to fool you. The naïveté is no one’s fault. It is the result, though, of staying away from any topic that would give you insight to predators.

From the little I know from: newspaper articles, fictional TV show, mystery books, newscasts – regarding stalkers, serial killers, serial rapists, they tend to follow patterns and the individuals can be profiled. They also tend to have needs that they fulfill by committing their crime. They won’t just stop committing their crime. An example of a “stop” by one of these predators is that they were jailed, died, or moved.

How does V explain this? If a person had been doing all the things that V says this person has been doing for 22 years, then that person could not all of a sudden just stop. No. Are you going to hear that V had one good day out of about 8 weeks worth of days, and let him continue to destroy my life/kill me?

As very strange and bizarre as it sounds, V can use his secret weapon to cause all kinds of problems for me – tiredness, lethargy, dizziness, diarrhea, salt in my water. Yes, it is absolutely crazy. I would not have brought it up if I thought there was any other way. Talking like this must really raise the ire of those in charge. I didn’t want to do that. I am worried about taking a job and experiencing any or all of the symptoms mentioned.

V has crossed many lines including attempted murder – salt water and diarrhea. He had used this weapon to assault me and cause significant damage. Some person gave me a date rape drug one night the summer of 2016. Someone should look into this.

Really, that is two times for the gray car like V’s. That is stalking. Most definitely stalking. Oh. The little blue version of V’s car does not count. I know colors, sizes, makes, stickers or none. And what the normal traffic flow is on this street. 10? No. 3 at the most with two using the park. This is not a “cut through” type of street.

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