Gangstalkers Use Smoke and Mirrors, Targets Need to Use Their Minds to Stay on Top

There is an explanation for what those gangstalkers do. Always. They hide behind smoke and mirrors – a magic trick term that means using smoke to cover things up and mirrors to change the looks of things. In other words, the tricks they play with our groceries at the store are just magic tricks, and sometimes they aren’t even good tricks at that.

I realized that I had to stay in charge of situations in my mind to do well. So, I have come up with psychological tricks to stay on top. When a trick is performed, I say, “That is just smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors”.

To tackle the people in their cars I have a lot of tricks. One trick I learned from one of the Harry Potter movies. In one of the movies, the students are being shown how to tackle a creature called a Boggart. The Boggart always represents a person’s greatest fear. Not that the gangstalkers are really something to be feared, but they are trying to causes fear. The way you take care of a Boggart is to think of something really silly and you envision the Boggart as being this silly thing. The Boggart comes near, you picture something that makes you laugh and “poof”, the Boggart disappears.

I wanted my vision of what the gangstalkers look like to represent what they look like when they crawl “out of their hidey holes”. I have always envisioned them as crawling out of some dark hole to come and do their crummy dark work. So, my Boggart became little, teeny, tiny ants. That’s right, to me the gangstalkers are teeny, tiny, black ants. It’s actually very fitting, really. Ants have their specific jobs. They don’t have to think, they just do their jobs. The gangstalkers don’t have to think whether what they is doing is wrong or right, lawful or lawless, good or bad, they just have to do.

Now, I like to picture something completely different for the gangstalkers going back to their holes. I use bunny rabbits. There is just something about bunny rabbits hopping back to their bunny holes that I find amusing. One also associates running away from something with bunny rabbits. Here are people out there by the hundreds sometimes, breaking the law (stalking), acting irresponsibly, acting like puppets, eroding our judicial system, and they get scared and hop like a bunny back to their hidey holes. Go little bunnies.

Have you asked if what you are doing is against the law? How long has it been? The case where a girlfriend berating her boyfriend into finishing up a suicide happened in 2016. Maybe the person answering really does not understand the law. Pushing, really pushing someone into committing suicide (that’s what gangstalking’s goal is), is now manslaughter.

Coming around a target two or more times with the INTENT to cause discomfort, fear, etc. is stalking. Note: the victim doesn’t haven’t feel discomfort or fear, but only the INTENT by the gangstalker needs to be present. Being around the victim at ANY time when you wouldn’t have been there otherwise can go towards the stalking – standing in line at the grocery store, looking into the victim’s cart, smoking nearby, parking nearby because that is where the victim is, etc.

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