Gangstalking or Cause Stalking – A Revelation

I went for a walk last evening with a friend who determined the route. Part of this route, we took the year we met when we worked half time at the school. Another teacher invited us to join her. V must have been miserable that year. He didn’t look miserable – same congenial self.

Anyway, gangstalkers were out. They were doing their normal tricks. They usually are a bit spaced apart. Many of the women have their noses in the air – yes, they do. They didn’t have their heads plastered back in their seats. That is an improvement.

IT hit me. I couldn’t laugh out loud because of my friend, but I could laugh silently. It truly struck me -how silly Gangstalking is and how silly Gangstalkers look. The goal of gangstalking is anything but silly. It’s a deadly game meant to push the target over the edge. It is attempted manslaughter.

  • Heads sometimes pushed hard into their seat. Sometimes the seat is reclined. Not safe.
  • They look straight ahead. The women don’t waiver. Occasionally, by acting in an unexpected way or a bit outrageous, I can get a glance. From a guy. The type of glances vary.
  • You are going to hate this: I am often reminded of marionettes. I often ask who the puppetmeister is. I could never believe it was V. He was too nice. I figured that it was someone from 1997. Someone who never could accept that I was just fine. You see, I had no idea that there were “charges” from recent times – well, 20 years worth. But
  • no, the puppetmeister is V.

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