Why I Am Angry – It’s Okay

  • Hippocratic Oath – A dear, dear friend of mine has had a rough life. She “picked” as a child. She had to learn to defend herself at a young age. She made a poor choice in marriage partners. Over 60 years ago, she lost a child to one of the most painful cancers. She was my care giver for a while. Later, she needed a knee replacement. One of the best doctors around performed the procedure. He forgot to put material between the “hardware” and the bone. I could be wrong, but I think this was a gangstalking tactic. A doctor from Stanford fixed it all right before my friend would have lost her leg.
  • Friend’s car was hit from the side with a big truck. T bone. I can’t be sure, but this could have been gangstalking. After all, I was hit right before a vacation by a junker truck
  • All my “illnesses” and accidents that could have been caused by V’s secret weapon.

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