Why didn’t V get a restraining order? He Didn’t Have to and He Knew That From Day 1. He has hundreds of people willing to commit manslaughter for him. I still have trouble believing that so many people can turn their backs on our democracy. I guess this is shunning on steroids.

11/1: I got home around 3:00 I think. I am heading out for abit. 11/1 @ 12:54. I just left Curves. If V says that I followed him anywhere near here, that is just stupid. There is no place for HIM TO GO in this center. He might find which of the 2% work around here and acts like he has an appointment. He and his buddy would be lying. I was supposed to use last school year to get in shape, but V and his buds made ittoo hard. So, I am going to Curves. I avoid V type car that are blue. There are 2-3 shades of blue, but I try to avoid them all. It is a popular car. I can’t avoid allthe different colors. The old style with the very large different colored section along the bottom does not count. 11/1 @ 11:40 at In and Out. Oops. Parked next to agoldy brown color. Do you have the Photoshop guy ready? I do know The makes of cars..Do you?11:21-Starbucks on Washington. Just in case you don’t think I learned my colors inkindergarten, I see a black car. It doesn’t meet specs. @ 9:00. I have not been out at all. I haven’t seen a drive by. Are you pulled off when I supposedly am out there?

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