10/31 Trick or Treaters at My Door – Really? No

Tonight there were older trick or treaters at my door. Not really, but that was what I was supposed to believe. I have not had trick or treaters at my door in 7 years. Why would older trick or treaters be at my door now? Twice. I didn’t answer the door the first time. I didn’t answer the door the second time. I am on the second floor in an apartment complex. I have given some neighbor kids candy before they go wherever they go to trick or treat, but they don’t come to the door. I am supposed to believe that older kids (by their voices) would come to my door and then come back? No, they move on.

Let’s see. I would have opened the door and no one would have been there. No one. Gee, how would that have been done? My ex played a recording of my sister at our door. I went to the door and no one was there. He recorded the voices on an iPhone – without her permission. Not okay. So, that is how it would be done.

Question: Why did V not get a restraining order? I would have had a document delivered to me via courier. I never received anything. I can check court records. They are public. Why didn’t he? My ex and I would have wondered what was going on and we would have investigated. V’s cover would have been blown. He would not have gotten away with stalking me any more – no more control and power. No more sympathy. No more manipulating.

I am disgusted that V told my husband an out an out lie in 2008. My ex had to have been so hurt. I think it is horrid that you hold marriage in such high regard, yet V was able to interfere with my marriage. Oh, right. I don’t deserve the same consideration because I do not belong to your group. V hurt a good man and caused irreparable harm. Ex was actively gaslighting and poisoning me against him. Shame!

98% to 2% yet you act like you rule the U.S. There are a lot of groups that use gangs talking and a LOT of people who are writing about your group and gangstalking. It’s only a matter of time before one of these groups blow it. I won’t say anything. V already has me labeled so no one would believe me. Besides, I don’t want to mess with this. I have a life.

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