10/31 The Ultimate Stalker Move – I will be going to San Jose for Thanksgiving to be with my kids – I have gone there many times. Why was V there?

The ultimate goal of gangstalking is to push the target to commit suicide. Failing that, the goal is to make it look like the target committed suicide.

ULTIMATE STALKER MOVE: I thought that V would want to get a picture with his victim. I think it is more than that.

V might want it to look like someone attacked him. Easy. Someone helps V make it look like he was attacked. A few light punches or scratches. Then V has assistance with a few people in the store.

Here might be the way it is done. Yesterday, I went to CVS. A guy came into the store and got into a long line. Later he was in a special line getting help with something. Then, he went and picked up a few things to buy. He had a really warm hat on. That might have been fine for the a.m., but he would have had it off by then. He might have been one person to run over to see what happened when V yells out – to fake being attacked.

A store employee acted strange. I was towards the back and he asked if he could help me. I said that I had found what I needed. He went over and started stocking the shelf that was across the aisle – the aisle that runs parallel to the check out in front. He had the cart and his body so that I really couldn’t comfortably pass him. The first route I thought of was to go towards the back of the store. So, I went into the aisle, made a slight left and went down an aisle that ran perpendicular to the front. The guy who was stocking came towards the check out like he was seeing what I was doing. I checked out and then I was gone.

If V wanted to frame me, he only has to have some marks before he enters the store. Yells out. There are people in the store who hear V and comes to see. Voila! V has been attacked.

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