Restraining Orders and a Devious Mind

I could not figure out why V did not file a restraining order. It hit me! I believe he did file a few or more restraining orders. Then, he probably reported back that they didn’t do any good.

V just had to make sure that my X or I never saw the paperwork. He just needed someone to run interference for him. Asked someone to commit a federal crime (mail).

My ex and I would have investigated had we seen anything about a restraining order. We both would have known that something was terribly wrong. V must have known just what to do so that he wouldn’t set off a visit by the police or another person. He must have spaced them just so.

He couldn’t let Ex and I stay a team. After all, gangstalking means breaking apart the life of the target and all support the target has. Ex and I made a formidable team. We went through a lot of fights and won many “battles”.

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