10/30 Shower, Bleach, and Asthma – see update for second part of day under 10/30 on the prior post

The ultimate goal of gangstalking is for the target to commit suicide. Now you know.

I doubt if all or many of you know how far V and his special group will go. Some of the things I can never share – they sound so bizarre. Some of them I can share – they are plausible, one or more has been on TV, or I am able to think through how they might have been done.

Last one first – I had taken a shower and was inundated with the smell of bleach. The door was closed in this small bathroom, and I had a bathroom space heater on. I knew someone had managed to have bleach come out with the water at the shower head, but I didn’t know how.

This happened about one to two weeks ago. Tonight I figured out how it might have been done. Unscrew the showerhead. Put in a plastic bag that has bleach inside it. The plastic bag is made of thin plastic or another material. When the water gets hot, the bags starts breaking down. It must have been a lot of bleach.

There was an episode on a TV show that had a plot line like this. That is not how it was done in the show, but we didn’t have the technology to make a “plastic” out of a plant material that starts breaking down in hot water.

Here is the piece that just adds to the sadistic attack: have a remote of some type on the fan that is up in the ceiling. This would be easy to do. Turn the fan way down. I was in this bleach fog for at least 7 minutes, before I realized what was happening. It must have started gradually or I would have noticed the bleach smell.

Bleach is a horrible for asthmatics to breathe in. My asthmas has gotten worse recently. I went from 1 puff morning and night to 2 puffs.

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