The ultimate goal of gangstalking is suicide. Now you know.

There were no cars in the G and G/Safeway lot. I have not been around cars that meet specs today. However, I was surprised when I saw one of “the” cars leaving the Safeway lot near my apartment.

Here is my latest theory. I believe that over the last 22 years, V has said that I have walked up to him. Other than that, it’s whatever he invented.

He was someone in one of my kid’s lives, and that is how I kept it. It would be totally inappropriate to talk to him unless we happened to “run into each other”. For example, if I were to see him in a restaurant or store, would not cross the room. Right now, I never want to see him again. Ever. I f I do “run into him”, I will turn around and leave immediately. I will leave cart and groceries or whatever I am buying behind.

He and his gang are not trying to set up a sting and see if I react. No, I believe that they are trying to entrap me. V might be going to places that I am at. He’ll slip in, go around some corner and hope that I turn that corner. There would be someone with camera at the ready to capture this moment. I wonder if V has practiced hi dismayed and surprised look. I don’t want to see it. I never have.

So, now when I am in stores, I proceed very cautiously.

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