I Have NOT Been Outside Yet Today – Any Reports or Pictures or Videos Are Lies

I am home. My car hasn’t left its assigned parking space. Is there a look alike car following a newish blue Subaru SUV – the car in Trader Joe’s parking lot. V made a big deal of loading it. Wouldn’t you move your car away from your “stalker” before loading it?

I have things to do besides play the sick game. I’m getting ready for a three day power  outage just like everyone else in Petaluma. Ice trays to keep filling, food to compact in the freezer and the fridge (blueberries on the outside – they can be refrozen. An ice chest to prepare for the food I want access to. Water bottles to freeze. I could only afford a few of the Yeti ice packs. Clean so that everything is in its place. No stumbling in the dark with a flashlight looking for something. Laundry, gas, etc. I’ll show myself now and then, but I have things to do. I always have had things to do.

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