Fair Judgement – Please Read Post About Perspective

I’m very frustrated. I have been dealing with gangstalking starting in October, 2012 with just a few minor things before that I wasn’t aware of. I have been judged on all types of behaviors. However, no one is keeping track of how I have done. No one. Maybe V, but how do you know he doesn’t have his own interests in mind?

If I was on trial, I would have been told which law/s that I “supposedly” broke. I would be innocent until proven guilty. I would get to see all evidence against me and have time to produce experts who could testify to the validity of the evidence. I would have an attorney to help me maneuver the system. Here, it is me against thousands – yes thousands. I didn’t even know who was accusing me of a crime until about six weeks ago. Six weeks.

If I was on trial, I would be able to have my attorney question my accuser. There would be, hopefully, a jury of my peers – which includes men and women from all walks of life and from many different background. This is so important. A jury discusses and each one brings to the table his or her experiences, insights, and opinions regarding the case. The jurors can ask to see certain evidence close up, or read the trial transcript. I’m being judged by both men and women. However, I think the charges and final evidence are all being processed, and the information dispersed, by a group of men with like interests. This is not a jury of my peers.

October 2012. That was seven years ago. It would be very helpful if a small group of neutral persons could read every one of my recent blog posts, and “listen” to what I am saying. Find out what has been going on since day one of this latest “gangstalking” event. Find out who I am, look into the Tahoe trips, and help shed some light on what is going on.   

May 2018 – Present: Cons and Gangstalking

August 2017 – May 2018: Gangstalking and Middle School RSP

August 2016 – July 2017 – Gangstalking and Sebastopol

June 2016 – June 2017 – Trip to two states arranged around Ex’s schedule. Tahoe planned and scheduled around 7 families’ schedules, Cousin’s death and services in Arcata and Eureka, CA       Working in northern Santa Rosa

My father passes away in March 2017. Trip to Southern California for a bit over a week. Trip was planned in advance. It was supposed to start at the beginning of spring break, but I needed to leave immediately when I heard about my father. He was failing rapidly. I went to my bank before leaving. I was already running behind. The banker was so nice, but extremely chatty. Way too chatty, but she was sharing about her “new” job. I start down south and my car is acting strangely. I was worried that it wouldn’t make it down south, so I am driving just the speed limit or less. I was wondering if someone had tampered with my car. The next day, I have a long way to go. I find out that my dad will probably not make it through the day. For some reason my car seems to be okay.

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