Photoshop on Steroids, Plus Audio. Blackmail, Male “Club”, and V

It might be hard for some of you to believe that what you see in a picture has been fabricated, or that what you hear in a recording might be fabricated also. I feel that staying involved with your world is fine – up to a certain point. Up to the point where you can’t see or understand what some of your members could be capable of. You can’t protect yourself, you can’t protect those around you, and there are some hurting others and preying on others.

I realized today that people could be filming V’s car and a car that looks like mine and then “photoshop” in V’s face and my face. Maybe that has happened a lot – a woman standing next to V. with my face photo shopped on. I have never gone up to V randomly. Never.

The problem is that this is not a photoshop program. Whatever they are using is a professional grade program. You probably don’t know about these programs because you are not supposed to read the news, watch forensic police shows, or watch shows with some violence on them. The people committing offenses that go against the church’s teachings know about these programs. Here is a wish I have had for a long time – I wished I could go to court and then have a forensic video person examine any evidence that was in film or video format. It doesn’t matter if the “film” used is actually a digital format. The forensic video people can often determine where the “film” (pixels) change and if the film has been doctored. Have you been shown any pictures from today? I have not been out today – except for a short time ago when I drove around the corner. I had forgotten something – that I wanted to write this.

I can’t write my blog on my phone anymore. My phone has been cloned by someone. That means someone has a phone that has the same content as mine. What I do can be seen by anyone who has the cloned phone. The person handling the phone can interfere with what I am doing. They probably can even hear what I am saying – even with the sound off. Sounds incredible right? The FBI was able to arrest some mob people by listening in on their conversations via their phones. You can look it up on the internet.

Audio forensics. Because of the ability to be recorded, I have wanted to be able to use an audio forensic specialist to analyze any audio material that you have been given to listen to. The ability to take tape, splice it and put it back in a different order has been around for decades. Tape from other recordings can be added to the original tape. If you have the sound bites, you can create a person saying just about anything. Anything. People can to the same today with digital recordings – basically all recording that is being done today. It’s probably even easier.

How this might apply to me? A while back, I was in the Staples parking lot. The lot was pretty empty. There was no one parked on either side of me. In fact, there was no one parked near me. I had doors open so that I could clean out the inside of my car. A man who was not parked anywhere near me came up. He talked very loudly as he was a ways away. He was saying that I was being very inconsiderate to other people. I was keeping them from parking next to me. I tried to point out that his viewpoint didn’t make sense based on the available parking. He kept talking like he was trying to goad me on. I finally had had it and said something in a loud, angry voice about, “…shut the door!” That man looked at me with satisfaction. He had gotten what he wanted. “They needed the words, “shut the door!” in order to finish up some recording that they would let loose into the community. He was recording me on his phone. Try it. Our phones do an incredible job. Whatever it was, was probably very sick. It helped explain why so many of you thought I was capable of so many things.

A thought occurred to me just a short time ago. I was thinking to myself, “How could intelligent people who know about V. continue to support him?” Only one answer came to mind and it is an ugly one. However, it is something that has occurred as long as there have been men willing to support one another and/or who have been willing to blackmail one another. The answer I derived was: “V has the ‘support’ of those men who he has blackmailed, or those who do similar activities as he does.” This was such an ugly thought, that I had to slow my breathing down. Ugly, ugly. People are people. Just because they follow a strict religious code doesn’t mean that they stay away from activities they shouldn’t. I would guess that statistics would show this. I say, “men” because men are more likely to engage in the activities I am thinking of. I say “men” because there is a way they can get information to use against each other, and to cross the line from good person to pervert.

V. has been using the supportive people of his social group to help him try to get me to commit suicide. (which is murder since it has been relentless). I’m afraid he is working on getting permission to do even more. Disgusting as that is. V has been able to find out where I was going and to get there first. He would then get attention from all of you. He was also controlling all of you. He was always friendly to me. He was able to keep my attention. In that way he was controlling me. All of this gave V a sense of power. He also used something to gain some access to what went on in my house. I’ve been outraged since learning that. He violated my space and so much more.  

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