When is V’s Car Not V’s Car?

The gangstalkers could not get me to follow V’s car – I have no desire to, I don’t know which of the many newer Suburu SUV is V’s, and I have NO WAY of knowing where V is. None.

I have no way to follow anyone when I was set up and it could have looked like I was stalking V. I went on the freeway a while back. A car like V’s must have gotten on the freeway at the next on-ramp and there I was behind a newer blue Subaru. I got to the far right lane immediately and got off the freeway.

I have a feeling that there are photos of me behind Subarus or Subarus in the same lot as me. I was at Target this morning around 9:00 or so. As I go to leave, a Subaru that meets the specks drives up and parks facing me a few rows over. I realize (maybe too late) that someone could easily take a picture getting my car and the Subaru in the same photo. The driver got out and she was a woman with long wavy hair – blond. Then, I was at Curves. I got in my car and noticed a blue SUV that looks like V’s but was not the same make. I wanted to take a picture with my car in the foreground, a thin tree blocking the make logo, and the blue SUV in the background. Then, I would have posted it here. (explaining how it was taken)

People are out with cars that look like V’s. I am pretty sure that they want to be ahead of me and then say that I was stalking V. Why? Because for decades, this obsessed man was getting to a place before me and saying that I was stalking him. He has his ways. Ask him how.

I have been familiar with only two of V’s vehicle – at least familiar enough to really know what kind of car they were. One was in 1996-1997. I saw V once or twice drive that car when he was leaving work – I had business there. During the “checking me out in summer 1997, there were about 10 other yellow bug cars that passed me by. I did not follow one of them. After that, I just noticed non descript old cars, maybe with small chips in the paint. Recently, V was in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, parked near my car (I don’t know it was there. I didn’t know it was V’s car). V very slowly loaded groceries into his car. I realized later that this was to make sure that he could say positively that I know what his car looks like.

Now that I know what has been happening, I can look back and think of other strange times when V might have been “showing” me his car. In 2011, V showed up in the parking lot where I was working. In the parking lot where MY job was. He was actually in disguise. Yes, strange. I now realize that he would not have wanted people he knew to see him at my work. It would blow his story – she is a stalker who follows him Everywhere and has no life of her own.

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