When is My Car Not My Car?

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with sleight of hand. Basically, it is a technique often used by magicians. The audience members think they are seeing reality when they are not. Somehow while distracting the audience members, the magician move a card, puts a card in his sleeve, takes a card out of his sleeve, etc.

Right now, at almost 2:00, I have been in my apartment for an hour and a half. Yesterday, my car was parked right next to a car very like mine. I even tried to get in it. Today, I realized how easy it would be for someone to drive a car that looks like mine behind V’s car or a car that looks like his. I was out this a.m. I am home now, typing. Is V or someone similar preforming this sleight of hand. Someone could get a picture of the whole thing. They just have to make sure that the license of the medium gray Honda Accord is not showing. They could show V’s license if it is the one (of at least three) that does “belong” to V.


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