Important Information

When I moved here with my family no one knew me. I am what one calls “an open book”. A common trait in my family. Someone could have engaged me in a conversation and learned a lot about me.

  • Pretty stable childhood, great family and extended family. With the same fantastic kids k-12.
  • Violin for 11 years
  • Girl Scout, then YWCA. and YWCA CAMP 4th-12th. Spiritual/God based. Great camp! Climbed Greyback twice.
  • Somewhat crafty and artistic
  • Extensive work to get my teeth right. Thank you Mom and Dad – I never said that. I did write them a note thanking them for each having such a wonderful sense of humor. It’s made a huge difference in my life. I am here, despite many trials and tribulations because of this. Infertility, twice, house on contaminated well, difficult pregnancy with preterm labor but we were blessed with two fantastic kids. Cancer and another illness and more. In my case: What didn’t kill me, made me stronger”.
  • Junior high church youth group, and senior high youth group. Presbyterian. Great kids and married couples guiding! Service projects my junior and senior years in Mexico. I was heavily involved both years. Junior year I was the contact person with Futuro del Oro.
  • Co Moderator my senior year for my youth group.

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