Gangstalking – Which State and Federal Laws are Broken?

A number of laws have been broken by my Gangstalkers over the last 7 1/2 years. My role is Targeted Individual, but I prefer Strong Survivor.

  • Assault. Assault can happen even when someone doesn’t touch you. That has been the case in all the instances of assault crimes that have been committed against me.
  • Three instances of syncope or faintness caused by a powder or inhalant. Tonight. I know the drill. 2015. 5 hours crawling on the floor before bed. The cat and I had a great time! 2014. I broke an ankle. Severe break. Plates and screws. I matter of factly crawled to get my purse, unlocked the door and called 911.  Are these assault or attempted murder? Someone could be killed in a fall.
  • 2016 – Before my trip to pick up 100s of photos from my ex in CO working around HIS schedule. Got to see Canyonlands and the White Rim Trail from above. The last time I saw it was when my ex and our good friends and I drove and camped on the White Rim Trail. We did about 10 years of off road camping and driving. Check out the Turkey Track in Anza Borrego.

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