Pushed to Suicide, or is it Murder?

Now- Some of the gangstalkers must ask if what they are doing is legal. After all the goal of gangstalking is often to push someone to suicide.

Well, it probably use to be that you couldn’t be prosecuted for pushing someone to commit suicide. That has changed. A woman was tried on murder charges for going to extraordinary lengths to push her boyfriend into committing suicide.

The key is extraordinary lengths. He was in the process of committing suicide when he stopped and said he didn’t want to go ahead with it. The woman berated him unmercifully via text message. She was tried on murder charges, but got manslaughter. Yes, she spent time in prison. The case was appealed, but she lost.

I would say that gangstalking is definitely going to extreme lengths to push someone to commit suicide (definitely not me). 7 years and going strong.

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