I Would LOVE To Get Rid of This Blog

I really did not want to start another blog on gangstalking and gaslighting. I had permanently gotten rid of my last blog. The prior blog I hadn’t known how to get rid of posts forever, but I did the best I could.

I started this as a last resort. When one is dealing with a person who is viewed as a stellar person, one has to do what one can – use all resources to bring the truth to light

I then want to get rid of this blog forever when I am sure my stalker is out of my life. Staying 2 football fields’ distance away.

Tahoe and Bodega Bay. 8-10 families had to coordinate to find a week that worked. I could NOT have followed anyone to Tahoe. My family met my three sisters and four cousins and their families  there. A while back our parents came.

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