How Far Will Gangstalkers Go?

If you look up Gaslighting, you will come across zersetzung. Zersetzung was used by the Stasi in East Germany. The West was starting  to pay attention to all the broken limbs and people disappearing. So, the Stasi came up with the modern form of gaslighting. It was so effective that some estimated that the wall stayed up for 20 years longer than it would have without zersetzung.

Gaslighting is often used in Gangstalking. I am not putting in definitions because I may not have time this morning. If I am able to this later today, I will. I definitely will at some point.

The ultimate goal of gaslighting and gangstalking is for the target to commit suicide. Well, I’ve been going through gaslighting and gangstalking for seven years. I am doing just fine.

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