How to Act Around Your Stalker and ….. Why Didn’t He?

Well, I’m not a stalker – never have been, never will be. However, my own stalker was able to get others to think I was stalking him.

If one were being stalked, there are common sense actions that one would do or not do. One would try to avoid being around one’s stalker. If work or social situations require you be in the same room, one would stay as far away from the stalker as possible. Hmmmm-No

No matter how nice or personable, one would not smile at the stalker – ever. Plain instinct. You are the prey. There are all types of ways to leave the situation without riling the stalker. How about, “I have a meeting to go to.” or I need to get to X before it closes. Hmmmm – No

Try never to run into the stalker when about town. If this happens, do not engage even in small talk – like asking about the kids or grandkids. Nod your head if you must and keep on going. Even if you have to forego your trip to that store. Hmmmm – No

If your stalker is going to a completely voluntary gathering (like a before work breakfast), don’t go. Otherwise you are sending a signal that you are okay in their company. Definitely a no, no. Hmmmm-  No – rule not followed.

But, I was being stalked not him. I had no idea. I would have followed all the rules as laid out above.

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